Saturday, November 14, 2015


I woke up this morning after a fitful night of begging sleep to come and quiet the pangs of heartache. As I began to hold our allies up in prayer, the wound in my soul deepened, the violence that has taken root in our world would like to take over. I look at my two boys, ripe with hope, courage and great faith in God and my heart wrenches in my chest. In my 11 year old's lifetime, he has seen more racism, senseless violence and great tragedy than I ever had at his age. School shootings, police shootings and acts of terrorism - how do I explain to them, or better yet - how do I help them feel safe?
I get incredibly exhausted by the political rhetoric or crazies boycotting red cups - there are far greater things in this world to throw your passion behind. The world is raising up a generation that sees violence as an acceptable means to an end with a very real lack of respect for humanity...and we're arguing about Caitlin Jenner? I never remember being 11 and being scared of "terrorists" - I am certain that word wasn't in my day to day.

People are hurting all over the world. It think it is time that we get on our knees and pray. Pray for our children. Pray for safety and provision from God. Pray for peace wherever there is conflict. Pray for an end to senseless violence. Just pray. The prayers of my children awe me and last night was no different:

"Father God, help them to see you and know you love them, then they will stop hurting each other"