Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Turn to You

What does it mean to walk away from something?  This connotes a certain degree of defeat when I say it out loud - but can it mean something else?

I am walking away from darkness.  I am walking away from what holds me captive and bound to my baggage and shame.  I am walking away from what keeps me from sleeping soundly at night.  I am walking away from relationships that I sink myself into and then start to drown into their pit of despair.  I am walking away from a life that leaves me lacking in peace, kindness, joy and contentedness.

I turn to You for it all.  When I seek Him, walking away is NOT defeat, but triumph.  When I seek His presence, walking away is less the defining action and more about what and WHO I am walking towards. 

Embraced in His everlasting arms, I turn to Him and I am saved.