Friday, May 6, 2011


I was outside enjoying a cool spring morning just a moment ago, one of the rare moments we've experienced in Ohio that hasn't been tainted by rain.  I was thinking about a man I know (under 35) that left his job at the height of his career to wander around Europe, looking for his joy.  As I grumbled about picking up dog poo in our residential and side-walked neighborhood, I had a moment of envy at the ability to walk away from the ties that bind. 

Truth is, most of us CANNOT walk away to find our "joy" because we have become to attached and engulfed and tied by the THINGS in life that consume so much of our joy.  The things that we feel we need, deserve or want are what ties us to the life that we currently lead.  There are some serious spiritual implications here as well - what does it mean in your faith if the things of the world are what you chose to define you?

I have a blackberry, espresso roasted coffee in my coffee maker, a plush (and brand new) sofa that seats us plus another 8, a top of the line mattress, two cars in the garage and organic vegetables in the fridge.  Four laptops, a Wii, netflix and a blue-ray players, a cell phone plan, a cable bill, an Internet bill, a mortgage, two car payments and credit card debt - all attaching me more and more to the THINGS of this world. 

What would it mean to walk away from the things that keep us tied down?  Does being tied down make us more stable or more dependent?  What am I teaching my children about the world by supplying to their every need? 

I could walk away, sell of my things and more than likely, survive.  LOL.  But, how would I be regarded if I were to become a wanderer in search of a more simple life, in search of joy that comes from personal relationships and family, not my things --- what would you think of me? Would you think I was crazy or would part of you wish you could do the same?

This is not me announcing that I am going to become a wandering gypsy, LOL.  I will, however, begin challenging myself to let go of some of the things that serve little real purpose in life.  Challenge the people I know and love to embrace some of the more simple things in life that do not require contracts or cell reception or credit cards.  Two of the happiest people I know live their day to day life with just the basic luxuries, take time to sit at the park to watch the new goslings being escorted around the park and have never had pizza delivered; they are happy without all the ties that bind and I will aspire to be more like them as I grow up. 

Have a great day full of blessings.