Monday, July 4, 2011

Stars and Stripes

A local Boy Scout troop hosted a fundraiser for their group by offering to put a flag up in our yard on all national holidays - so as I gaze out the window watching our flag flap in the breeze, I am so glad that I sent them our money because I love having a flag up at our house. 

There is something so meaningful and powerful about our flag - there is meaning and emotion and pride wrapped up in those stars and stripes.  I search out the words to explain to the boys what freedom means and what ideology is behind the American flag, but nothing translates more of what the flag "means" than seeing the flag on my Mom's mantle that she received at my Dad's funeral.  They look at it and know that the flag means service, heroism and sacrifice.

Chests swollen with pride, they marched out to the front yard and recited the pledge of allegiance in the shadow of the flag.  It was a beautiful moment.  They don't care about politics, gay marriage, tax hikes or campaigns; in that moment they paid tribute to service, heroism and sacrifice.  That is what will stay with me today; my children have respect for the meaning, power, emotion and pride that is in the stars and stripes of the American flag.  They might not get the nuiances or understand the ideology to the letter and definition but then again, some politicians clearly do not understand the ideology either. 

Freedom is simple, beautiful and profound, adding in controversy and agenda does not take away from the meaning but often I believe it does take away from what we SEE and believe about this country.  Watching the boys this morning made my heart soar, the words of God Bless America playing in my mind - it was real and honest and true and made me so proud of the boys that I am raising to be men that love this country.

Have a blessed and glorious holiday enjoying the pleasures of our freedom!


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