Friday, February 19, 2010

Quotes for the week:

"At least you're not one of those people that are content to sit on their fat ass on disability forever and ever- its good to see someone motivated to get better. Now, next exercize, glut squeezes, ya know, squeeze your butt..."

"Mom, you're not a're a Mom." Hence why I guess its not okay to walk in on a GIRL in the bathroom, and yet, I haven't been able to take a shower or pee by myself in almost 6 years.

"You have a mess going on in your back, God, I'd hate to see you at 45" WOW.

"Mom, is your back all better now?" "No," I respond. "Then what did the dumb doctor do? I missed school for this??"

"Don't pee on my head and tell me its raining..."

"Don't piss in the wind or it will hit ya in the face"

"I don't want to take the ash cross off my forehead, it shows the world that Jesus died on the cross for me" Pretty astute and one lucky Mom to have a kid with a heart for God like that.

"J, where is your gum?" "Gone," he says. "Gone where?" I ask. "In my tummy, I swallowed it so I could see it later in my poop." YES, he really did say that!

Yes, with three males in the home: peeing, pooping, boogers and toots are all topics of conversation in my home on a daily basis. God love em, even at the dinner table.

So, that's a wrap on the week for me: some good, some bad and some all together ridiculous. Have a great weekend ahead.