Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Quran among other things

I would like to sit down with the "Pastor" of this church in Gainesville and look him in the eyes as he tells me that burning a Holy book on the anniversary date of Sept. 11, a day where we fell prey to the hate of fanatical and suicidal madmen operating under the guise of "religion", is not a message of hate. 

The story goes on to outline the propaganda on their website, claiming that Christians should return to the truth and stop hiding.  I would ask him what truth he is confronting with this message that is "not a message of hate."  It certainly isn't "love your neighbor as yourself"  or "forgive 70 times 7" or "turn the other cheek" and most assuredly it is NOT "love your enemies."  I am not in hiding.  I speak the truth of my own God and my own Savior and that is the truth. 

Interpreting scripture or verse of any Holy book to fit into your own agenda or to propagate your own causes in any faith is a perversion of that faith - their credo, their ideology, their theology, who they are and what they stand for is all in jeopardy when a person espouses their beliefs to be "truth" while neglecting the real truth of their particular Holy book.

So, in essence, I think that this incendiary and controversial action on behalf of this so-called church has it's very roots in the same ignorant-minded fanatical and perverse notion of "faith" that brought about that fateful day in our nation's history.

Why is it that the loudest and most vitriolic voices get heard when it comes to faith?!  Every faith base has in their tenets the concept of peace.  Tenets of Islam, read them Pastor Jones - outline a faith that is much like my own...and according to this man, his as well.  However, I believe he got lost somewhere in HIS quest to make a statement.  Very lost.  Very, very, very lost. 

So, to Pastor Jones of Gainesville, Florida - like the parable of the Shepherd and his Sheep, Jesus will come looking for you as you have strayed - strayed far...he is forgiving.  However, the people that you "know" you will offend with these actions may not - and it will be your own doing, for you have taught "them" all a lesson in "Christian" truth that was not HIS truth but YOURS. 

Pastor Jones, you fail.

Thank God he loves you anyway.  Can't say I have the capacity to do the same...that's why He is God and I am not.

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