Tuesday, August 10, 2010

He really must love me...

Watching one of my fav movies while eating Braum's ice cream and coconut macaroons.  The hub turned on the movie and sated my emotional eating with delicious goodies, none of which I needed.  He really must love me - the sweetness of sitting in my mess of a day and letting me revel in a foodie movie and eat sweets...he really must love me.

I was feeling rather overwhelmed today when I happened upon a quote:
"In our worst things in life, God gives us our Greatest Mission.": 

Food for thought as I watch my foodie movie.

Going to the dr on Friday after a worried doctor scheduled a follow-up appointment.  So as I begin the waiting game til next Thursday to know much of anything about this appointment I will reflect upon this "greatest mission" I have been on for longer than I would like and know that God has put all of this before me and He is in control.

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