Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The kitchen sink...

We've done it! We're moved into our new home in McAlester, OK and we've unpacked the boxes, hung up (most of) the pictures, played in the backyard, fed people in our feels like home. With home ownership also comes the hassles as well. Like our toilet backing up into our bathtub, for example. Can anyone say, ewwwwwwww? One plumber's bill later we're back up and running:) Then the bird that flew into the house (RIP little birdie) or the ants we found in the bathroom...ahhh, life!:)

Homeschooling our 5 year old has had its ups and downs, it has been a learning experience for us all. I have a new found respect for all teachers; not that I didn't before, but this experience has given me insight into how challenging it must be when it is 20 of these little boogers! There was a learning curve that my son and I hit head on...we've emerged a little bruised but really, none worse the wear. It is amazing how much homeschooling has changed the dynamic between my son and his "Mom." It is terribly difficult to transition from Mom to Teacher, and while I am sure there is a delicate balance where you can be both, I have not quite found it yet. I had been praying for patience and a good friend told me that her Mom told her never to pray for patience because your child will always give you more reasons to test your patience. She told me to pray for understanding...

Understanding of what, was my question. Understanding of our relationship and how it is going to work? Or maybe understanding that there is no way in life that everything can ever be "perfect" all the time? Or maybe understanding of why I am so high-strung and then understanding of how to NOT be that way when it comes to my kids? Understanding of why it all seems to matter so much in the moment but when you go back some time later you realize it probably doesn't matter half as much as you thought it did? Probably, I need to pray for understanding of all of it! Lots and lots of understanding!!

I have had the delight and honor of meeting some truly extraordinary women and men in my time here in the Sooner state! I questioned why in the world God would put us in Oklahoma...I was heard on more than one occasion saying, "what is in Oklahoma except for tornadoes?" But, God's purpose was so much bigger than our own. This was a move for a job, but Lord, what this move has meant to our family. God's plan for us has been about so much more than my husband's career! For the first time in our family life we are a family, what a blessing! We have joined a church here and God has used that church and those people to truly bless our lives with great relationships and a stirring of our faith that we've never felt before. The people that we miss remain forever locked into our hearts, minds, prayers, thoughts and the distance sometimes seems unbearable, but now I know more than ever that God's time is God's time and God's plans are God's plans and that He will carry us through the sadness that comes from missing those extraordinary people. I pray continuously for those people that God is doing the same for them in their lives and that they still feel the love we feel for them in every way!

I want to personally thank everyone that has supported us along the way...along our journey to get to this very moment. What each person has contributed and shared and given freely to us has been our very reason to go on when times have been tough and our reason to praise when times have been good! I am so moved by what all of you have done and I could never thank you enough for all that you have been in our lives.

I better run, the pirates are ransacking my house:-) I'm out for now...
Blessings and Love to you ALL!

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