Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Dose of Good Medicine...

I awoke early this morning to get to the local walk-in clinic and attempt to get someone in the medical profession to take a gander at my back and tell me why it ails me so...
Three x-rays later, a shot in the "hip" aka upper hind-end and a little something extra to help me sleep, if I need it...I am back on the job. My sense of humor is still lacking and according to the nurse the steroids she shot in my back might cause mood swings, to quote her, "so, if you feel like being a bitch, just tell your husband it is because of the medicine." Even while lacking in my typical ability to see humor in life, that was pretty funny. It's my get out of jail free card for the next 10 days, right?

Wouldn't it be nice if we all had a get out of jail free card? Like when you're too tired to do the laundry or make dinner, all you'd have to do is hand over the card and voila, you're in the clear! I am just the type of person who would hold on to the card, waiting for the most desperate moment and then when I submit the card for my free pass, it would be expired. Then there are people like my husband who would use it to sleep in past 8 a.m. on any random day. As frivolous as it sounds, at least he's smart enough to use it before the time is up. My cautious nature has mostly been to my advantage, but then again, that whole "glass is half-empty" mentality tends to plague me at every turn in my life. I am always looking at life and considering the worst case scenario and I know how much that must disappoint my Heavenly Father. He has always provided more than I ever could want or need and I remain as resolutely grounded in bracing myself for the worst. Not my best trait, something I am working on everyday. I take great inspiration from the people in my life who take everything in with eagerness and reckless abandon, sometimes I envy their free spirit, other times I sit by and relish my roots.

I am so glad that God made us all so innately unique, so that people like me have as much as a place in this world as the people who are always shaking it up! I know that I strive to be who God has made me to be and maybe his plan has always been to have me be one of the proverbial hall monitors of life. LOL! I was always the one left in charge of the class when the teacher left, so that inherent nature was not something I happened upon as I aged. Pragmatic and skepticism with a dash of cynicism has always been in my personal play book and range of emotions. However, I would not characterize myself as a negative person. Practical: yes, responsible: yes, reliable: yes...but not a gloom and doom-er. I err on the side of caution. Maybe that makes me a tad boring, but so be it.

Whatever I lack in spontaneity I make up for intensity. I am known for saying, "it one thing matters, then everything matters..." and I live like that. It can be quite exhausting and to others, rather tedious! Tedium is for people like me, we thrive on the details. Like I said above, thank GOD we are all so uniquely made. The same friends and loved ones that I have in my life that are movers and shakers are also the ones that could live without the details and only focus on the bigger picture.

So, I find myself asking where GOD has seen fit to put me in the myraid of his miracles, is my job according to His will to be cautious or are we all called to be open and free? I truly believe what GOD would want for my life (and your's as well) is for you to be who you are, but to LOVE Him with reckless abandon, open and free. I don't have to be the talk of the town or the impetuously eager world-changer if that is not what God made me to be, but I must be willing to throw all caution into the wind to walk with MY SAVIOR! I can do that without a self-help book, but lucky for me, there is a manual on how to do that! :-)

Turns out that shot in my hiney was just what I needed, a good dose of old time medicine! By the way, I am turning in my free pass card tonight and going to make Dad do bath time! Carpe diem, right?

Gotta get going...blessings and love to all!

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