Thursday, October 29, 2009

I spent the day yesterday almost completely pain free, it was one of the most glorious days I have had in months and I spent each moment relishing the ease of life without constant pain. I smiled more than I have in a while, I laughed more than I have in a while and my ability to moderate and parent my two busy boys was not hampered by incessant aching pain. It was a gift from God and I appreciated it more than anyone could ever imagine. I tied my shoes without tears, I played trains on the floor of the playroom with J and I didn't need help getting back up, I got out of bed without hobbling and without was the kind of day I could get used to!

Today, however is another story. The day of pain free was rather fleeting, however, I refuse to complain, because yesterday was a true gift and you know is today. The only difference is that today I'm walking around like an arthritic old lady. If I reflect upon the sheer joy I experienced yesterday I am reminded at how fleeting "it" all can the lesson to be learned is that each day is a GIFT even if it is a day where you ask yourself "why did I even get out of bed???" It is much more difficult opine and pontificate about gratefulness and gratitude when things in life are "susie-sunshine and daisies"because so many times we're moving right along and don't realize or truly appreciate what we've been given, we all get too busy to just stop and look at all we have and say "THANK YOU!" It is easy to dismiss the work of the Lord as unrelated to our current joys in life when the gratitude isn't deliberate and mindful of the gift of each breath, each day, each sunrise and sunset; pr in my case, the ability to touch my toes and tie my own shoes.

Yesterday, regrettably so, I admit I didn't stop and give thanks and praise with each almost-pain-free step. While I was keenly aware of being better I did not attribute this recovery as much to God as I should have, I was too busy enjoying the freedom I was extended by pharmaceuticals and our Heavenly mistake was grievous. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE GRATEFUL! Judging by today, I am forced to humbly admit it was more to do with God than the meds! Today, each step is accompanied by a prayer to please make the pain go away...the irony here is astounding! But, I have today; and I am presently and very mindfully thanking the Lord for another day.

I will say, I do wish I could have another yesterday.

Blessings and love to all.

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