Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tanned as in Honey Baked

I have vowed to spend the summer regaling in the freedoms of childhood right along with my two amazing little men, and thus far (only but a week in) we have done so with the grandest flair!  I am not ashamed to admit that I am enjoying it as much, possibly more, than they for I know that the summer will end and they will continue to grow to the point that summer vacation is only but a memory. 

Summers in my life are quite nostalgic.  Swimming and pizza and slumber party sleepovers.  Tan lines and staying up past your bedtime and sleeping in until you wake up.  Summer, as a child, allows for your collective person to exhale.  I don't remember being anxious or irritable (while I am sure my mother would disagree with my remembering) - I remember wishing summer would last. 

Splash pad at 9:30 am, why not? Cold pizza for breakfast, absolutely okay with me....cause it really is all relative.  These moments will escape me one day so I am resolutely determined to enjoy the blissful freedom that summer vacation offers in childhood.  I will delve into my new knitting hobby and end up honey baked and tan and I will eat popsicles on the back porch while playing with squirt guns and I will sleep until the boys get up and got to bed too late just because I can and I will wake up each morning with a deep sigh of contentment. 

I have been reading my Bible and learning so much over the course of these last few days and I have found that the stresses and demands of life and family and pain have been holding captive my whimsy, my free spiritedness, my willingness to stop and enjoy the moment - so summer is the perfect opportunity to free those characteristics from my self imposed prison of perfectionism and compulsivity and allow myself to breathe fully in the spirit that God lets flow through you.  I have also started a new campaign in our home to banish negativity, unkind words and the grumbling complaints of every day life while also committing to daily devotions that pack a punch in as little as 5 minutes and the compilation of these factors have all created a much more harmonious, relaxing and much more unburdened feeling in our home.  Praise God for the work He does in our lives even when we're not paying attention. 

So, here's to summer and the blessings of family and suntans and devotions and knitting and pool time and childhood...I am going to love every minute.


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