Friday, July 17, 2009

Back to work he goes...

We thoroughly enjoyed a day off yesterday as a family, but it was a busy day! I am working my way to becoming a successful Avon Rep and training to be a CASA volunteer which has made life a little hectic but its exhilirating to have things to do again. I have spent some time here stewing away and wishing we could be home again but there was a sink or swim moment in life here where I had to decide to SWIM!

Speaking of swimming, the boys have spent the entire summer in the pool and while J is becoming more and more comfortable in the water, A has become quite a swimmer in short time. I am hopeful by next summer he'll be able to join a swim team and follow in his Mommy's footsteps as a swimmer-extraordinaire! Okay, I wasn't great, but I was good...I have the ribbons and medals to prove it, I swear!

We are planning (trying to plan) a vaca to go back to TN to visit and then make a trip to IL to see my grandparents. It has been a little stressful to say the least, trying to coordinate three schedules to plan a vaca is not as easy as I would like! But, the idea of a vacation is so alluring that whatever stress I must undergo will be worth it! AND, we're going to Disney this year too! WOOHOO, thanks to our bestie and Godmother, Aunt Stephanie! Our last trip to Disney was the honeymoon...we got to get bumped up on all the rides cause I was wearing the Minnie Mouse Bridal cap...would it be tacky to break that out and wear it again...with our two kids in tow? Hahaha!!

I'm out for now...have a wonderful day! Blessings and love to all!

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