Friday, July 31, 2009

It's too late to turn back now...

Along my travels in the last 36 hours or so I had a moment of sheer panic...did I forget to pack my overnight bag in the car? 8 hours into the drive and then only then does it dawn on me that I have forgotten it. I remember to get the movies back to Blockbuster, the cookies to the cool teachers at the church kids activities, the books to the library, the Avon catalogs out, snacks and juiceboxes packed, the pool bag packed, clothes packed, blankets and pillows packed...and I forget my own bag?

Ladies can relate more to my had all my hair stuff, my make-up, my vitamins and all my smell good bath stuff! How did I forget that? I don't go out of the house without make-up on and I forget the whole damn bag? UGH.

It rained for over 8 straight hours before I finally decided to pull off the interstate in defeat, I had been conquered by the spray of trucker's hauling-A at 75 in standing water and pouring rain. I had been beaten by rain cloud of all rain I get off the interstate. Only to be diverted right back on, thank you very much. What? you ask. Apparently the tornadoes decided to take a trip from OK to TN with me and followed me right into very nice of them to put in an appearance, right?:) I passed exit after exit trying to find a hotel to sleep off the rain storm and as I passed truck stop hotels and the like I opted for one that did not make me feel like I was starring in a horror film where the unsuspecting victim falls prey in the cheap motel. I settled on an over-priced hotel that probably wasn't much better than the ones I have just mentioned, but I felt better knowing there were no truck stops nearby or faulty street lights in the parking lot.

The boys love hotels...they jump on the beds, run around playing pirates, etc. It's like a free-f0r-all, which most times I tend to indulge them a little, but at 10 pm and after over 8 hours in the car I was just ready to get my tush into bed. They had other plans much to my dismay. Around the time that we all finally went to sleep is when it stopped raining...ahh, life, right?

We made the rest of the way today and drove into what we've called home for so long with tired and relieved smiles on our faces. But, its not home anymore. Someone is renting our house, Chris is in OK and while our families are here and seeing them is WONDERFUL, its not home like it was just 2 short months ago. Interesting how quickly things can change! I am utterly and thouroughly exhausted beyond all imagination and will slide into the sheets tonight at peace with the world knowing we got here safe and I don't have to get back in the car to drive back for almost two weeks-LOL!

I'm out, I hope this finds you all doing well!
Blessings and Love to All!

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