Thursday, July 23, 2009

This week has been a great week for the Beatty family. We are finally starting to feel at home here, mostly in part to the church we've been attending...its amazing how great you start to feel about a place when you know God's hand is leading you to the right place and the right people. Ironically enough, just as we are starting to adjust we are also leading up to the exodus home to TN...which if plans had stayed the way they originally were, was when we were going back to TN to tough it out again. Tough it out meaning, single-parenting the boys while the hub chases his dreams of conquering the fortune 500 corporate jungle, rat-race, etc.

I am slowly learning that there is always more at work in God's plan than in my own. Sometimes I just look up at this Oklahoma sky and throw my hands up in a "why me" posture and feel really damn sorry for myself and then something happens. Might be something small, might be something really profound...but its always something that makes me know that God is still there. I have a friend who is a champion and a hero for her family that is struggling to keep the faith as her husband fights cancer...and she doesn't lose how can I? Its all perspective. The reality is that we live in the most free country in the world where I can worship my God, where I can do and say what I feel is right without fear of persecution, we have a roof over our heads, food in the fridge, two nice cars to drive, nice clothes to wear, air conditioning when its 105 degrees....and all that adds up to a life I shouldn't gripe about.

I meet people here everyday that have sooooo much less and yet I feel sorry for myself? Well, its something I'm working on and when God taps me on the shoulder to remind me every once in a while just how good I've got it, I am so humbled, down to my knees humbled. So, like I said, I am slowly learning to trust that God does have control, even when I don't see the Oklahoma trees through the Oklahoma forest, I do see it.

I hope anyone reading this decides to share how they feel about God's plan in their life...
I'm out, see you later.
Blessings and Love to all!

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