Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Off we go into the wild blue yonder

Here's what we've done today: up at dawn (much to my chagrin) to eat a fairly unbalanced breakfast of cereal bar and apple juice (at least I tried) and then began the daily battle of getting out of our jammies and into clothes, out the door to register A for school. Let me pause here for reflection: (insert pause here)
Oh my, I must be getting old. So there we sit in the 5 year old sized cafeteria and as I sit I can vaguely recall the smells of the cafeteria growing up and I barely contain a my gag reflex as I think about the stop where you drop off all your cast off foods and trays...still makes me shiver to think about it. God love the lunch ladies that worked back there cause I would have more likely chosen starvation than ever eat again after that smell...but, I digress. So, we sit there and find ourselves rather unprepared for this process, and I am the only person in the room who doesn't have an "indian card" now, I really don't know what that means but I guess that means that I am the only one in the room who's son doesn't get to list under Race: Native American. The woman helping me tells me that if we're just a "pinch" Indian we'd quailify...uhm, a pinch huh? What exactly does that mean, I ask. She replies, "you know, just a teeny-weeny pinch" Well, since I'm pretty sure that Scotch-Irish or German lineage doesn't qualify as a tribe then I am pretty sure we won't get that "indian card." At some point during the gratuitous paperwork I find myself getting just a tad bit weepy and slightly overwhelmed and as my eye begins to twitch under the stress I feel myself start to decompensate and sense the impending doom of the "loony Mom" hovering somewhere underneath my calm exterior.

I mentally start adding up all the chaos and change we've under gone as a family over the last year and I give myself an "atta-girl" for making it this far...I would never have had picked here to land, but since God's plans are HIS plans and not mine, this is where we are. It truly is a God thing...though I never would have picked here, I cannot remember a time in my married/parenthood life where I have been this satisfied and content with the moment. I never knew that before McAlester, so God did know what he was doing. I don't mean to sound like I'm surprised at that, but truth is, sometimes I do get caught up in thinking that I do know more about what is good for me than God.

We've found this amazing church family that has welcomed us in with such love, it feels like home to me and that is such a blessing. I find that most people here do admit to a lack of "things to do" but also don't seem to be all together fazed by that fact. Its refreshing to see small business prosper, old farmers selling their veggies out in the farmer's market, a main street that is really a main street that houses unique one of a kind shops that furnish the town with almost any need (almost:-) Even being a new girl in town, it never fails that I run into someone I have met at the Walmart (the only game in town) and it seems that almost everyone I know knows everyone else too! It's no Mayberry, but it's a start at a new way of living for us Beatty's. And ya know, I think we kinda like it!?! :-)

I'm out, gotta get that dinner going...
Blessings and Love to all

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