Friday, April 9, 2010

The best marriage books we've read yet, what we're reading now and what is next to read :-)

The Omartian books have changed our marriage - in ways that only God could. These books were like marriage and prayer manuals that I wish we had 7 years ago but I am not complaining, it was divine providence that we happpened upon these books and made the breakthrough that we have.

The Charles Sheldon book you will find the origins of the WWJD phenomenon...I had no idea where that "trend" began but now I do. It's a great, easy read and the challenge the story holds is one that might be one we should all consider. Can you always ask "what would Jesus do?" before EVERY choice you make in ALL areas of your life? There's something to chew on, right?

Last one is one that my Mom and Dad recommended, The Sacred Romance. Really looking forward to delving into it with the hub when we are thru the Sheldon book. Something about seeing your relationship with the Lord as a Sacred Romance sounds so appealing and fulfilling, so I am eagerly awaiting when we can begin the book and study.

Gotta run - pizza and movie night awaits.

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