Friday, April 9, 2010

The Car

We sold my Mom bus and as silly as it sounds part of me was very sad to see it go. It might sound crazy but somehow I had attached a certain fondness to my car - it was big, roomy and comfy to sit in. The DVD player was my best friend on our long car trips to TN and back. There was more than enough room to pile in friends, family, etc. I loved that car. BUT, we sold it.

I had been rather mopey about the whole thing until today. What changed? Well, the money we got for the car by selling it to CarMax (shameless endorsement) was deposited into our bank account and today I was able to pay off a slew of these "we're paying on it monthly" bills. Suddenly, I didn't miss my car that much anymore. The liberation and freedom from the every month making incremental dents in ridiculous medical bills is overwhelming and I love it...way more than I loved the car :-)

So, the money we save this month will go to purchasing a DVD player for the new ride. Yes, that is me giving in...over half a day in the car with two little boys and no means to entertain them would be tortuous, right? As I type that I laugh at myself because that is what everyone before us did - long car rides playing games, cards, punch-bug and all without the technology of movies in the car. But, now that we are utterly ruined and spoiled there is no going back - LOL!

Looking forward to a glorious weekend with beautiful weather and making the most of's to you doing the same!

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