Thursday, April 1, 2010


So, in my solo time I have become a Redbox renter and have watched two movies that were both highly recommended by friends to see- one was Couples Retreat and the other Observe and Report.

Let me first say I am not a movie reviewer, these are just my own opinions. That being said, they both didn't quite measure up. Couples Retreat wasn't really that funny - Vince Vaughn played the SAME character he always does in movies and I guess I just didn't see the humor in seeing marriages in crisis. "We're getting a divorce...ha ha ha!" Hmmm, see - not so funny. I guess there were a few humorous parts but overall it was nothing to spend $10 on a ticket for, glad I only spent $1 at the Redbox.

Now getting to the other one - ashamedly I will admit that we saw the mall cop movie with that guy from King of Queens. It was silly and hokey and cheesy but in a family film type of way. This movie however was as foul mouthed as any movie I've seen in a while. It points out all too well how unattractive it is to use the f-bomb every other word or to curse when you have other words you could be using instead. I couldn't even finish the movie, it was that bad.

I guess as I get older I become more and more prone to disengage from what "the world" deems as funny or intriguing or whatever else. Listening to my kids tell inane, ridiculous and completely made up on their own jokes is much more funny than watching a movie featuring a flasher in a mall parking lot. I don't see the appeal in horror films - watch the news once in a while - if that isn't enough to strike fear into your heart then WOW, cause that is all it takes for me. I don't see the appeal in reading the text messages that Tiger Woods sent to his multiple mistresses or hearing about how Jesse James is going into Sex Rehab. Don't get me wrong, I have laughed my hiney off at movies with potty humor and potty mouths...many times. The issue I guess I have here is how gratuitous it has all become. Gratuitous sex scandals, gratuitous f-bombs, gratuitous everything.

My mother would interject here a comment on conspicuous consumption and she would be completely correct. Gotta run and take a movie back to the redbox...thinking of getting Julie and Julia (or is it the other way around) again - loved that one!

Have a blessed week everyone - and a glorious Easter weekend!

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